Client work

Case Study 1: DWP

DWP is moving its pension and benefits services online as part of the Government’s Digital by Default programme.

Ripple was responsible for defining the agile delivery framework used by DWP’s three regional delivery centres. We also worked with the Security and Architecture teams to agree what hardware and software the digital delivery teams should be using. Given the sensitive nature of many of DWP’s IT systems, great care has to be taken to ensure that the software used by the teams is resilient to any malicious activity.

Case Study 2: IMPACT

impactlogo The IMPACT programme was established following Sir Michael Bichard’s inquiry into the Soham murders.  His recommendations outlined the need for IT solutions to improve the management and sharing of information and intelligence by the police service at national and local levels. By giving forces the ability to find and access operational information across England and Wales, the IMPACT Programme helped transform policing in the UK.

Ripple was responsible for defining the strategic options and overall programme plan for the IMPACT Programme. Following this, Ripple led the team responsible for producing the programme Business Case.

Case Study 3: Criminal Justice IT

cjitlogo Criminal Justice IT was a directorate within the Office for Criminal Justice Reform which supported the Criminal Justice System (CJS) joining up agenda through delivery of cross-CJS projects and through the provision of robust portfolio & benefits management processes across the wider CJS IT portfolio.

Ripple provided CJIT with portfolio management capability (management of portfolio prioritisation, funding allocations, reporting to ministerial level and Investment Appraisals of project business cases) for ~20 multi-million pound projects in the criminal justice IT area.

The CJIT Portfolio team won the Financial Management category of the 2007 Civil Service Awards (an award that recognises where an individual or team has delivered excellence in financial management as part of successful business).


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